Rachel Gibson has views

I discovered Rachel Gibson through her Writers Friends series. As a writer it’s a little meta but also very cool to read about other writers. These writers are nothing like me; they all somehow manage to live off their writing (a rare unicorn for those of us on the other side of the world).


Because I enjoyed these books I then read everything of hers I could get my hands on. I came across an interesting point raised by different characters in two of her books.

From a woman’s perspective:

“.. but it was always shocking how many guys weren’t that great at knocking boots. Which was just baffling. Wasn’t sex their number one job? Even above actually having a job?”
– Rachel Gibson, Rescue Me

From a mans perspective:

“.. Sex is pretty much our most important job. It’s the one thing we have to nail – so to speak – so we get invited back for more. It’s pretty much the reason we take a shower and brush our hair.”
– Rachel Gibson, Run to You

This lead to me to believe that Rachel has views on men and sex. I’ve got to say I agree. Reading, or writing, romance really highlights this point. I have to wonder whether it’s something her readers raised with her. (“I wish my boyfriend were as good as the men in your books.”) Or, then again, I could be falling into a fallacy of drawing conclusions about an author based on what they write.