Give yourself the gift of space and time to focus. What you write is up to you; a project, your novel or journaling (guided journaling?). We can do this on a regular basis or one session may assist you in forming a writing habit.

Each session allows for a minimum of two writing sprints, 90 minute sessions include three sprints or two with a critique. During the session we can discuss goals if this is helpful for you.

You can also purchase a guided audio or checklist (click the “writing” filter) from $1 or if you’re unsure you can book a discovery call

[expand title=”Why “write with me”?”]– Carve out time to work on a project

– Create some headspace

– Create a writing habit

– Dedicate time to fleshing out that idea

– Accountability, ensuing you turn up and focus

– Structure, do the thing in the specified time[/expand]

[expand title=”How does it work?”]We meet online (a link will be sent when you book). The session starts with getting to know each other. Then we have a writing sprint focusing on removing the noise from your head. After that we feedback any learnings and make goals for our second sprint. Then we have a longer sprint focusing on your specific project. After the second sprint we do another feedback and closing. If you book for 90 minutes there will be an additional sprint or you can choose to convert the third sprint time into feedback on your writing (critique). You can write on paper or your computer, whatever suits you best. If you want a critique you will need to use your computer.

[expand title=”What is a sprint?”]A writing sprint is a dedicated time to write. It doesn’t mean you have to write fast, just that the clock is running. This is to help you focus on your writing, you can focus for ten minutes.[/expand]

[expand title=”What is a critique?”]A critique is a peer review of your writing. I will go through your writing and comment in the document providing comments, feedback, praise and suggestions. You can send me something you’ve written previously (up to 1500 words) or write a piece during our session. Critiques are available if you book a 90 minute session with critique.[/expand]

[expand title=”Will you read what I write?”]Your writing is yours, I will only see it if you choose to share it with me. If you book for a critique you will need to show me your writing.[/expand]

Need a different time, want to organise a group session or something else? Contact me with your requirements or book a discovery call

I use TidyCal for scheduling and Draft2Digital to publish my books