Talk/Write Hybrid

It’s like a coaching session with journaling included…

Writing sessions sometimes veer into coaching with my long term clients. The feedback has been so great that I’m offering the option for everyone to book one. The structure of these sessions is flexible to meet your needs.

Each session allows for a minimum of one writing sprint. During the session we will discuss goals then decide if another writing sprint or discussing actions is the next step.

If you’re unsure you can book a discovery call or a write with me session

Why “write/talk with me”?
– Create some headspace
– Clarify a specific issue and action plan
– Get support and/or accountability
What can we talk about?
We can talk about whatever you’d like.
Here’s some examples of things I’ve helped with:
– wedding planning
– guided a vague idea into a published anthology
– fostered writers through sprints and critique sessions
– tons of dating advice
– CV and cover letters
– clarifying work issues and how to approach them
– supported a client through breast reduction
– boundaries (work and relationship)
– advised businesses on website content, pricing and client communication

What is a sprint?
A writing sprint is a dedicated time to write. It doesn’t mean you have to write fast, just that the clock is running. This is to help you focus, you can focus for ten minutes.
How does it work?
We meet online (a link will be sent when you book). The session starts with getting to know each other. Then we have a writing sprint focusing on removing the noise from your head (like saging a space). After that we feedback any learnings and make goals for the session. This may result in a second sprint or discussion for the rest of our time. I’ll aim to wrap up with some actions for you.
Will you read what I write?
I will only see your writing if you choose to share it with me.

Need a different time, want to organise a group session or something else? Contact me with your requirements or book a discovery call

I use TidyCal for scheduling, Draft2Digital to publish my books and GoBrunch for meetings