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I (mostly) write things based on Jane Austen’s novels in contemporary settings

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It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Jane Austen and will discuss her with anyone at anytime. Perhaps you hate her (doesn’t mean it’s not an obsession, also, you’re wrong) but you need to talk about her writing.

Maybe it’s an assignment that you really don’t want to write. Hey, I’m not doing your homework for you, but we can flesh out some ideas (and maybe book a writing session to write the thing and get feedback).

If you’re already a fan of The Amateur Austenite and want to speak with me personally, you’ve found your place.

Book a time with me to discuss an Austen novel

How does it work?
Choose which Austen novel you'd like when you book and any aspect you'd like to focus on - a theme or particular chapter
We meet online (a link will be sent when you book) to discuss

Why read with me?
- Spend some time discussing a book you love or hate
- Explore your reactions
- Deepen your understanding of the text
- Finish reading the book that’s been on your reading list for years
- Speak with someone who treats Austen as accessible rather than academic
- It's like having the podcast catered to your specific interests

Need a different time, want to organise a group discussion or something else? Contact me with your requirements or book a discovery call

I use TidyCal for scheduling, Draft2Digital to publish my books and GoBrunch for meetings