Earthquakes and Body Disposal

Times of natural disaster are a good time to practice body disposal. That’s how the mind of a writer works.* If you don’t want to be disturbed avoid looking at their search history, or sitting within hearing distance of a group of them. I had thought it was just the writers I knew but I recently attended an authors panel, they mentioned how the general public are uncomfortable with the things writers discuss openly.

Wellington was hit by some big earthquakes this week. There was driving around in the early hours of the morning due to evacuations, messages from writing friends and oddly a couple of exes (it’s nice to know you care but you need to move on). My current work-in-progress is set during the Christchurch earthquakes of 2011. Recent events have made me consider depicting the earthquakes themselves. I think it’s just a distraction. You can have an apocalypse story (not that this is) but what you really care about are the people involved.

When someone legitimately dies there are limited options to dispose of a body legally; burial, cremation or donation to a medical school. Unfortunately I don’t live close enough to either of the medical schools to donate…unless I plan my death well. I can still (and intend to) donate organs. Natural burial is the most environmentally friendly form of body disposal.  I found a cemetery that does this in Wellington. I also found traditional (natural) coffins. When I go I’m going in this one:

*When I hear fireworks I think it would be a good cover for gun fire