2016: the year in review

This was a hard year. The normal rounds of death, political upheavals, and natural disasters seemed to multiply. I’ve never heard so many people refer to a year as the problem (“fuck 2106″or “bloody 2016”).

I had my share of disappointments this year too; a broken heart, a lost job, an earthquake, losing the bid on a house and that’s besides worrying about the state of the world. But, 2016 had some wonderful life changing events too; my two brothers got married, my niece was born and I published my first book. I made some wonderful new friends and built friendships with people who were previously acquaintances.

I’m looking forward to 2017 being a better year (it doesn’t have to try hard to achieve that). My next book, Beautiful Abomination, a complete rewrite of something I wrote years ago, should be published. I’m toying with the idea of publishing some poetry; very, very, bad poetry. Another niece or nephew will be born, there will be a family holiday and I will probably purchase a new house. I’m optimistic about 2017 and I hope you are too.

I leave you with a summary of all that was wrong with 2016: