We Won’t Know the Ramifications

Last week was the six year anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake that killed 185 people. A memorial wall was unveiled for the occasion, much like a war memorial, it lists the names of the people that died. My next book is set in the week leading up to this tragedy.

After the first big quake in September 2010 there was a certain amount of just carrying on with life. This is something I experienced in Wellington following the Kaikoura earthquake  in November last year. But after the second large quake it became clear that things would never be the same for Christchurch.

I explore this feeling in my new book; how one event, one choice, one realization can change the entire course of your life. We won’t know the ramifications till much later. Over the course of a week huge changes happen for characters and they have no idea what is drawing closer.

Beautiful Abomination will be published in March.