Pride and Premeditation

The quotes that open this book assured me it was right up my alley – Agatha Christie and Jane Austen. It joins two of my great interests, Austen and murder (in a purely intellectual sense). The release of the latest book in the series reminded me to finally start reading it.

Purists (Austen or period) need not apply but there’s something for everyone else. Pride and Prejudice moves the physical location from rural Hertfordshire to the London legal scene but loosely maintains the era. Lizzie is desperate to work at her fathers legal firm and be appreciated for her brain rather than her reproductive abilities. In her attempts to prove herself she investigates an accused murderer, Mr Bingley, and battles his lawyer, Mr Darcy.

There’s underlying commentary on race, class, feminism and unexpectedly, justice. Lizzie Bennet has always been relatable because of her modern sensibilities and the new context allows her to shine. Tirzah isn’t restricted by Austen’s characters, interpreting them in new and insightful ways.

The ending is a satisfying rush to revelation but threads remain for future books to explore. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.