Austenism: Wear Clothes For You

Woman is fine for her own satisfaction alone. No man will admire her the more, no woman will like her the better for it. Neatness and fashion are enough for the former, and a something of shabbiness or impropriety will be most endearing to the latter.

Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey, C 10

Austenism: Live Advice from Jane Austen

Amme gives great advice: “Don’t buy the new dress, he won’t notice.” Austen points out women won’t like you if you’re dressed nicer than them…I’d like to add that it may give you a sense of confidence though.

I don’t dress for women
I don’t dress for men
Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge”

Taylor Swift, Vigilante Shit

Dressing for revenge feels to me like dressing from a place of power. Sometimes you put your big girl pants on or your armour, whatever you need to make it through whatever you’re going through.

You might like to try Dopamine Dressing; choosing your clothes (colour, pattern, feel, fit) to give you a boost.

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