Mr Darcy had a speech, but ended up speechless

(as did Lizzy, briefly)

Video from BBC 1995 Pride and Prejudice
Audio from Champagne Problems by Taylor Swift

Mr Darcy had a whole speech when he proposed to Lizzy (it’s related in the book rather than word for word, I think so the reader doesn’t hate him), she was initially speechless and her response made him speechless. How could a woman not like him? They were always chasing him, just look at Miss Bingley. Hadn’t he and Lizzy been flirting this whole time? Had he misinterpreted the whole thing?

Because of the manner of his proposal for a while love does “slip beyond (his) reaches.”

Problems, when compared to issues of poverty, natural disasters, and war, are not that big of a deal.”

Urban Dictionary, Champagne Problems

Champagne Problems is an appropriate title for Darcy too – he’s a rich guy who’s had things relatively easy (let’s ignore parents dying early and his sister being induced into an elopement….he doesn’t have to worry about his future like Lizzy, or deal with her embarrassing family, or be a female at any time on this planet).

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And Lady Catherine…